Lesson Delivery

The component of Lesson Delivery is closely related to Lesson Preparation. Lesson Delivery is all about holding true to the objectives of the lesson (SIOP Feature 23 & SIOP Feature 24), Engaging the Students (SIOP Feature 25), and Appropriate Pacing (SIOP Feature 26) of the lesson based on student needs.

SIOP Feature #23: Content Objectives Clearly Supported by Lesson Delivery
  • Content objectives must be stated orally and displayed
  • Written, student-friendly objectives provide focus to the lesson
  • Allow students to know the direction of the lesson
  • Can evaluate the extent to which lesson delivery supported objectives

SIOP Feature #24: Language Objectives Clearly Supported by Lesson Delivery
  • Objectives may be related to: an ESL standard or the teacher's scope and sequence of language skills that their own students need to develop
  • Teacher needs to address objective explicitly during instruction

Meeting Content and Language Objectives
  • A SIOP lesson is effective when it meets its objectives
  • Objectives should be noticeable throughout
  • Should always be reviewed at the end

  • A SIOP coach or fellow teacher can help in writing student-friendly objectives
  • The presence of objectives can discipline the pace of the lesson
  • The investment in writing and teaching good objectives pays off in student achievement

SIOP Feature #25: Students Engaged Approximately 90% to 100% of the Period
  • How to know students are engaged: following the lesson, responding to teacher direction, and performing activities as expected
ELLs can least afford to have valuable time squandered through off-task behaviors. Most effective teachers minimize these behaviors and maximize time spent actively engaged in instruction.
  • Three aspects to student engagement:
  • Allocated time - decisions teachers make regarding the amount of time to spend studying a topic and a given academic task
  • Engaged time - the time students are actively participating in instruction during the time allocated
  • Academic learning time- focuses on students' time-on-task when the task is related to the materials they will be tested on

SIOP Feature #26: Pacing of the Lesson Appropriate to Students' Ability Levels
  • Pacing - the rate at which information is presented during a lesson
  • Pace depends on nature of content and students' background knowledge
  • Finding an appropriate pace requires practice but gets easier as teachers understand their students' skills

Group Response Techniques

  • Thumbs Up/ Thumbs Down
  • Note Cards - math signs, editing symbols, #1 or #2 vocabulary, etc.
  • Hand Signals - 1 or 2 fingers, sign language (e.g. "r" for reptile, "m" for mammal)
  • Magic Buttons
  • Response Boards
  • Electronic Clickers
  • Text messaging poll for multiple choice questions Poll Everywhere

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The final component is Review and Assessment.